Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go To A Baseball Game

With Major League Baseball spring training having just begun, I thought I would share this tip—go to a baseball game. Bosses know how to relax from the daily stresses of life, and no other sports relaxes you like baseball.

You readers might say that baseball is boring, AND I AGREE WITH YOU! It's supposed to be boring. Baseball was invented as a way for farmers to pass the time when they weren't out in the fields, and doing all the kinds of work done before most farming machines were invented. Anything is more interesting than that type of farming, and that includes baseball.

The reason why you go is because the weather is nice, the food is pretty good, the crowd is pretty laid back, there are always cheap seats available and can you pop a few beers (or whatever else you sneak into the stadium) and chill. You can get a little color from the sun and interact with other fans. If you want to be really cheap (which I am known to be on occasion) shove a few “road sodas” into your belt, bring some food in with you in a bag and enjoy it.

Chances are, your team has no chance of making the playoffs, so you don't have to care who wins or loses. In fact, the worse your team is, the more fun you can have going, because the seats are less expensive. For the price of a third-tier ticket in Yankee Stadium, you can get right behind the plate in Houston.

And if you bring a love interest, you can spend some quality time with one another and really find out if you have chemistry. If you can sit through three hours of sporadic action and come out liking the person, you might have found a match.

Bosses might not necessarily like baseball, but they see the value of going to a game. You should too.
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  1. Meh, interesting read, even if baseball is unpopular in EU ^^
    Nice blog man

  2. Thanks! This advice would also work for a Cricket match, if it's near you. Apparently baseball is big in the Netherlands, where it's call Honkball (seriously).

  3. next time i'm in the states i'll check one out

  4. I shall go to more baseball games now!

  5. Baseball is HORRIBLE to watch. The best part about going to a game is getting drunk with your friends.

    Your other posts have had me laughing! Keep them up.

    Following and supporting

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  6. i dont know why people like baseball..if they had cheerleaders may be it will more

  7. if the girl will be there, i'm going tomorrow sir

  8. Wow no one makes baseball sound as good as you.

    I miss the summer now. Good advice, I'll make sure to find Mariner's tickets when the weather gets warmer.

  9. i went to a baseball game last week, but my team lost :(

  10. I've only gone to a few baseball games in my life and find it pretty boring.