Saturday, February 12, 2011

Live The Boss Life – Create Visions, Not Dreams

Live The Boss Life – Create Visions, Not Dreams

When you’re nodding off in class, while at home, or anywhere else, you imagine that you’re a famous rock star. You play awesome music, your fans are legion, women love you, men want to be like you, kids style their hair the same way that you do, and money is never, ever an object.

For you, living that life is the life you always dreamed of, your own personal “Boss Life.” But what are you doing to get there? What are you doing to achieve all that glory?

Imagining what life would be like once you achieve your goals is a dream. Creating a plan to get there is a vision.

Sticking with the music analogy, The Beatles didn’t collectively roll out of bed in the morning and become rock gods. They learned to play their instruments, played long live sets for little money, experimented with different types of music, and killed it every time they went on. Thousands upon thousands of hours of practice went into their records, let alone what they went through to get discovered.

If you have any goal, whether it’s to work in investment banking, play in the NFL, provide a little extra money for your family or become “The Boss” at your own company, there’s a path to get there. But that path won’t be found by imaging the end before you’ve discovered the means.

Create visions, not dreams. Stay tuned for tips on how to create those visions.
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