Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get A Smartphone

Legit Bosses have access to all the information they need 24/7/365. Info on the money, the women, the businesses and anything else a Boss needs. If you want all that any time you want, then you need to get a smartphone.

The term “smartphone” is kind of a pejorative—it implies that other phones are “dumb.” Older mobile phones are good if all you want to do is make calls and text. Those aren’t dumb things; they’re essential forms of communication! For a long time, that’s all I did on a phone.

But if you want to check e-mail, if you get lost and need a quick map, if you want to prove a friend wrong in an argument, or want to play a lower-level game while you don’t have you DS or PSP handy, a smart phone can handle all of that for you.

Some smart phones such as the iPhone or Android models also have augmented reality applications where you can point at a restaurant using your phone’s camera and get information about whether or not it’s good in real-time on your view screen—very handy when picking out a place to eat.

I personally use an HTC Incredible with Android. I believe that Verizon is the best mobile carrier, the phone is as good as most of the others out there and I just don’t want to associate myself with Apple products. Not to mention Android being an open-source platform, I’ve been able to customize my phone in ways that one can’t easily do on an iPhone.

Bosses have all the information in world at their fingertips at any time and that’s why they have smartphones. So wait until your plan is up, or save up some money, and get a smartphone as soon as you can.
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  1. iPhone here, this is my first smartphone and I've never looked back. I am loving it for all the reasons you mentioned and then some more.

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  2. excellent advise not to mention the on-the-fly blogging which can be done ;)

  3. Absolutely love the iphone, definitely something which i'm favouriting!

  4. Yeah I'm getting a smartphone as soon as my contract runs out, so in about 2 months. Email is my biggest issue, especially when I start school in September.

    The augmented reality sounds sick though, I didn't realize they had that, that's like Star Trek.

  5. I use an iphone. Its simple and easy.

  6. Good point actually! I like the HTC very much also.

  7. Have gone Nokia > HTC > Apple.

    Am going back to HTC. Possibly Motorola.

  8. Better than a smartphone, get a personal assistant with a smartphone, that's what real bosses do.