Monday, March 14, 2011


Want to feel good, get in shape, look better and get a great start to your morning? Live the Boss Life and go running.

Running burns calories, elevates your heart count, gets your breathing going and works up a nice sweat (or a healthy glow if you are of the female persuasion).

It also makes your mind alert, which puts you in a good position to start the day.

Running is not always easy. When I first started running again, I could barely get past 10 minutes before feeling like I wanted to die from exhaustion and a build up of lactic acid. But the more often you do it, the better you’ll feel. Running will also help with any other sorts of exercises, because moving your whole body through running will increase your endurance.

Another thing--Lord forbid there is a zombie apocalypse, an angry significant other or a race gang coming to beat you up . Sometimes you have to run to survive! And you can't just run, you need to practice otherwise you'll burn out in five minutes and get stomped on.

I personally just got back from my morning run. I wake up at 5:00 AM (remember—Get Up Early) stretched/woke up for 30 mins, and then went out. Since it’s winter, it doesn’t get too hot while running, and since it’s pitch black, you can let your mind wander and focus on your visions.

Just run three to four times per week, and I guarantee that you’ll be feeling great in a matter of weeks.

So Live The Boss Life, put on your shoes, stretch out your legs, and start running! Hopefully I'll see you out there!
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  1. With the crappy weather we have in the UK it's hard to run outside.

  2. The thing I miss most about living on a college campus is that there was always a good open space to run. Now, not so much, it's pretty much hitting the pavement and hoping a car doesn't hit me. So, I don't do it as often as I'd like to.

  3. Keeping up with running is hard -_-

    Im losing the motivation

  4. is swimming or tennis boss??...

  5. I'd love to do this, but alas, I am a lazy git.

  6. I wanna run too. can't find a jogging track though. don't wanna run beside the road, I'll die from the car exhaust.

  7. I run a couple of times aper week, I'm lucky to have some good paths right next to where I live.

  8. Great advise. You need to start with the basics sometimes.

  9. still not to the point of running daily. I do bike a lot though. easier on the joints.