Saturday, March 5, 2011

Go on Vacation

Feeling a little burned out, stressed or just want to get away? Taking a little vacation (or “going on holiday” as the Brits, Aussies and Canadians say) could be the cure.

I define vacation as just getting away from what you have to do, whether it’s school or work. And by getting away, you don’t necessarily have to travel. Taking some time off school or work and just sitting around and playing video games all day also qualifies!

One of my favorite vacations I took was just as I was leaving one job and working on a major acquisition for one of my side businesses. It took some time for this acquisition to go through, wrangling over dollars and responsibilities, etc. So what I did was re-play Ogre Battle for the SNES. Not only is it one of the all-time great RPG’s (and a rare game to boot) but it was the perfect thing to take my mind off a potentially stressful situation.

Your standard vacation is traveling, and exploring a far off place. While potentially expensive, this can be pretty awesome and may give you memories for the rest of your life. One of my favorite blogs is “Frosty’s Travels and More” where the author posts pictures of his often gorgeous vacation spots. It almost feels like you’re there!

Another cool type of vacation is what I call a “review vacation.” If you’re like me, you’re learning tons of stuff at work and/or school. Taking a few days to sit back, review your notes and write down some really good questions can be a great way to relax, and has the added benefit of putting you on good footing when you get back (so long as you’re not missing out on additional learning).

If I take a vacation, the one thing I won’t be taking a break from is blogging—helping people live better lives is what makes me happy and recharges my batteries.

So take a little time off. You’ll feel better about everything and be “Living The Boss Life.”
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  1. i could really use it right now but i need to get this house in order. having my first house warming in two weeks. so much to do.

  2. I like the idea of a "review vaction" - it could be very helpful.

  3. I do like a good vacation. I haven't been to the beach in awhile... come on summer, get here faster!

  4. im sorry i just can't stop starring at the girls!

  5. It's great to take a little break every now and then, definitely helps you enjoy life more.

  6. I agree, there's nothing better than a nice vacation : )

  7. funny stuff thanks for sharing.