Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BOSS: Casey from Australia

Welcome to a semi-recurring series on this space called “This Is What A BOSS Looks Like.” We’ll be featuring people who are bosses themselves, or do boss-like things.

If you go online a lot, you’ve probably heard the story of Casey, the boy who fought back against a bully.

For those who don’t, Casey was supposedly bullied most of his short 16 year life. A short time ago, Casey was being bullied by a much young boy. The boy accused Casey of speaking badly about him, started punching him in the face, and tired to do a Muhammad Ali-type shuffle while punching him.

Casey snapped, picked up the smaller boy, and body-slammed him against the pavement. In the video, which can be seen here, it appears that the bully had his leg badly injured.

Sometimes, one needs to weigh the consequences of an illegal action against the crime. If you steal a loaf of bread, but you are able to feed your family with it, and the penalty is probation, do you do it? How about 10 years in prison? Do you do it then?

Make no mistake about it—Casey is a boss. He took his tormentor and sent a message to the world that he will no longer tolerate this kind of thing. If he was suspended (which he shouldn’t have been, but that’s beside the point) then it’s a suspension well served. He’ll do his time and when he comes back, I don’t think anyone will be gunning for him again.

If someone is bullying you, make no mistake about it. The school will not help you. Your parents will not help you. The only person who can stop it is yourself. So if you’re bullied, go to the bully and (a) record what he’s doing on your smart phone and (b) punch his lights out. If you’re not physically able to—do pushups and run until you can.

Casey, the bosses of the world salute you.

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  1. Definately he is a BOSS. I remember kids in my school getting bullied because they never fought back. They tried to bully me aswell, and I stood my ground, so they fucked off to the smaller kids who don't fight back.

    Great post as always.

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  2. Yeah, a boss doesn't put up with shit.

  3. That little punk ass bastard got what he deserved. I love seeing instigators get what's coming to them.

  4. cassey FTW, hahaha really great story

  5. bulling is a big issue, I hope that kid gets expelled.

  6. casey should get a medal for what he did.

  7. cassey special interview on tv tomorrow night in oz...